Be Creditwize: Tips, Tools and Tactics for Controlling Your Credit: Starting TODAY!!!

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ISBN: 9781457536786
164 pages

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ISBN: 9781457540271

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Have you ever wished that you knew
more about your credit report?

You are not alone!

Credit reports and credit scores are among the most important, confusing, irritating, and personal parts of our lives. The emotional connection to our credit report can result in embarrassment, anger, or pride, depending on what shape our credit is in at any point in time. We know we should understand more about what influences our credit scores, but where do we turn for reliable AND comprehensible information? The credit reporting agencies and most lenders do not typically provided much assistance. Our schools and colleges do not provide useful credit curriculum. Our family and friends are usually no more informed about credit than we are. And, most of the books that are available are confusing and will put us right to sleep! BE CREDITWIZE breaks credit down for you in easy to understand language and is filled with examples to help you better manage your valuable credit profile.

If you are just starting your credit profile, have had credit for years but now have some blemishes or have pretty good credit but want great credit,

BE CREDITWIZE provides simple, step-by-step plans for your credit futureā€¦starting TODAY!

Gain Knowledge…Get Empowered!!!




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