Is marriage in your future? Is the sex talk really the most important conversation to have?

Many couples who are getting serious about marriage or partnering are very likely to have discussions about all aspects of their previous sexual activities and what they hope for in their future.  Smart, right?

But, most of those same couples are much more hesitant to have the dreaded Credit Talk.  The hesitancy is especially strong if one feels that their credit may be worse than that of their potential partner.  Sex is one thing, but, CREDIT?  How embarrassing!!!

You may be smiling now, but, you know talking about your credit to anyone can be a real challenge.  In fact, some say that finding out that their potential spouse has terrible credit habits can be a game changer.  Love may be blind, but, it isn’t always as accepting as might be expected.

Money issues can be the biggest area of stress in a marriage.  So, have the talk, dedicate yourselves to getting credit strong together and have fun with it.

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Survey said….

I said it was a trick question!  The answer is yes AND no.

Yes, your score will be “ding-ed” when you shop for auto loans.  That is smart shopping because not all auto loans are created equal.  However, all of the auto-related interest rate inquiries will count as only 1 hit to your score IF all of the inquiries occur within a 30 day period.  So, YES, your score will be somewhat lowered by shopping for an auto loan, but, not for every inquiry, just once if all inquiries occur within a 30 day period.

Now, if you are shopping for a car, a credit card and a mortgage within that 30 day period….be prepared for 3 big hits!

So, the moral is just be smart about your credit shopping.

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Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “Let’s Talk About Credit”

Be Creditwize: Tips, Tools and Tactics for Controlling Your Credit by Carol DeMarco

Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “Let’s Talk About Credit”

Ever wish that you knew more about your credit report?

You are not alone!

Credit reports and credit scores are among the most important, confusing,
irritating and yet personal parts of our lives. The emotional connection to our credit
report can result in embarrassment, anger or pride, depending on what shape our
credit is in at any point in time. We know we should understand more about what
influences our credit scores, but, where do we turn for reliable AND comprehensible
information? The credit reporting agencies and lenders typically do not provide much
assistance. Our schools and colleges do not provide credit curriculum. Our families
and friends are often as uninformed about credit as we are. And, most of the books
that are available are confusing and will put us right to sleep! However, here we are
going to take the mystery out of your credit report and have some fun! Let’s get

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Survey said….

I told you it was a trick question…

Although paying your bills on time is the most heavily weighted portion of the credit score calculation, it accounts for only 35% of the final determination.   That leaves 65% that you probably don’t realize drives your scores!   Knowledge is your friend…you’ll find the rest of the info @  Be Creditwize will be your source for better credit understanding in an friendly, easy to understand format.


Survey says…

The most important and biggest factor in credit score calculation is:

1.  Your gender

2.  Having no active credit cards

3.  Paying bills on time

4. Paying balances to zero monthly

(This might be a trick question…)

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Ponte Vedra High School….THANKS!!!!

A great time today with some economics students at Ponte Vedra High School!

Very interesting and thoughtful questions….WAY ahead of were I was at that age.  Bright futures!

Thanks to Ms. Marsh for the invite and kind words.  Let’s do it again soon


Excerpt from Chapter 10 – “What About Credit Monitoring?”

Be Creditwize: Tips, Tools and Tactics for Controlling Your Credit by Carol DeMarco

Excerpt from Chapter 10 – “What About Credit Monitoring?”

How Identity Thieves Operate

Dumpster diving – searching for items containing your personal information

Skimming – stealing credit/debit card number by using a specialized storage
device when you use your card

Phishing – pretending to be financial institutions or companies via email
requesting your personal information

Changing your address – diverting your billing statements to another
simply by completing a change of address form

And, the thieves are getting smarter and bolder everyday.  To protect yourself….